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Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath


Black Sabbath’s classic debut album is familiar to all of us, I’m sure. And even a casual record collector knows that a Vertigo swirl label is always collectible and thus, valuable.

But because Sabbath are so popular across the generations, it doesn’t stop there. If you’ve got a very exact version of this record in mint condition, it’s worth at least £400.00

So what do you need to be in place to get the big bucks?

It has to be on Vertigo VO 6 and have a black inner sleeve – it was later white. It shouldn’t have any publishers/writers credits on the cross and it has to be a large swirl label with ‘A Philips Record product’ text on the label.

This is the first of the first pressings. 2nd pressings are worth £100-200 but this rarest version is the full £400 and I would imagine you could raise more than that because Sabbath have a lot of fans and this is a very rare item.

So go on – go and check your copy!

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