A Short History of Dandelion Records

A Short History of Dandelion Records
Authored By John Nicholson

Despite only existing for three years between 1969 and 1972, Dandelion is a label that is fondly remembered by heads of a certain age and a popular label to collect for vinyl junkies. 

Famously set up by UK DJ John Peel, it only ever had one hit - "(And The) Pictures in the Sky" by Medicine Head which got to #22 on the UK charts. 

There were 23 singles and 28 albums released in total by such often obscure luminaries as Stack Waddy, Principal Edwards Magic Theatre, Beau, Tractor and Bridget St John

But the point was never to have hit records per se, it was to provide an outlet for creative and interesting artists and it certainly did that. 

Clifford T Ward released several singles on Dandelion and an album and would go on to have a couple of sizable hits on Charisma and a top 40 album too. 

Though they did get major label distribution from CBS, Warner Brothers and Polydor, ultimately, these were niche acts and Medicine Head apart, struggled to sell records. They of course would go on to have a top 3 hit and a couple of others in the top 30. Also notably they had one of the last Dandelion album releases in 1972 called Dark Side Of The Moon, predating Pink Floyd’s album of the same name.   

A nice sampler of the acts on the label was released at the end of their era. ‘There Is Some Fun Going Forward’ is quite a rarity and sells for up to £35 (approx $50)

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