Central Texas Music Festival 1970

Central Texas Music Festival 1970
Authored By John Nicholson
This was scheduled to be held on a 680-acre tract over the Labor Day weekend at Bastrop, TX but it was canceled because of "severe pressure from local people and bad publicity in national magazines." Yes, it was the usual issue with the good folk of straight society fearing an influx of naked freaks waving their private parts at them and doing the nasty in their gardens. 
Some 25 rock bands were expected to take part over the Labor Day weekend. A local district judge also issued a temporary restraining order to keep the festival from being held. 
The line-up had been:
Alice Cooper, Bloodrock, Brownsville Station, Carolyn Hester, Eric Burdon & War, Freddie King, Ike & Tina Turner, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jimmy Driftwood, John Mayall, MC5, Rare Earth, Rotary Connection, Savoy Brown, Smith, The Chambers Brothers, The Flying Burrito Brothers, The Stooges, The Third Power, James Cotton Blues Band.

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