Croz: A Long Time Gone

Croz: A Long Time Gone
Authored By John Nicholson

Ah Croz. He touched all our lives, I think. What a legacy he leaves.

All those soaring harmonies with the Byrds, CSN and CSNY. He was a planet around which so much utterly brilliant music orbited. For me, 'Long Time Gone' is illustrative of his brilliance. Like 'Almost Cut My Hair' and 'Ohio' you can hear what Nash once called 'that Crosby Attitude'. With Stills playing an almost menacing, throbbing keyboard behind Crosby's vocal, you feel like this is an important statement, it urges you to listen and take it to your heart.

Written after the assassination of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King it was famously used over the opening of the Woodstock film, a movie which captures a very different time so perfectly and which stands as a legacy to the counterculture, one way or another. 

While he himself acknowledged that he could be a prickly, difficult character, he leaves a peerless sonic legacy. When he comes inbetween Stills and Nash as the middle harmony, something cosmic happens, it opens a portal to another world, a better world. Thanks for blowing so many minds, Croz. 

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