Deep Purple - Machine Head

Deep Purple - Machine Head
Authored By Johnny Blogger

It is one of the defining albums in the history of rock music and sold inlarge numbers. Even when it was released, Deep Purple were a big band, so there are loads of different pressings in large numbers. That's why you see it for a few pounds in every second-hand record shop.

However, there is a collectible copy to be had. It was initiallyreleased on Purple Records, matrixTPSA 7504 with alaminated gatefold sleeve and lyric sheet.

A mint copy of this is currently valued at £30.00. The really hard to get version is the Quadrophonic copy - which is the same in every respect except it has a Q in the matrix number.

I never really got the point of quadraphonic and it was only around for 3 years or so in any meaningful way but it means the records are often collectible despite being million-selling albums.

A Quad copy is currently valued at £60


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