Grand Funk Railroad - Live

Grand Funk Railroad - Live
Authored By Johnny Blogger

A 1970 double live album that was disliked by the music critics but loved by the fans. I love it. The cover sums up the music, somehow - full of raw, wild energy. This was the only record of their to chart in UK, making 29 on the charts. It peaked at 5 on the Billboard charts.

The cover photo was taken at the Atlanta International Pop Festival in 1970, where the band played a storming set.

It took me decades to get into Grand Funk and I don't know why, really. Maybe I was overtly influenced by the critics and thought I wouldn't like them, but these days I find their relentless, driving energy irresistible.

Their early albums are collectible in UK, but this only cost me £8.00. Mind you, the 4th side is only 12 minutes long!

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