Incredible String Band - Incredible String Band

Incredible String Band - Incredible String Band
Authored By Johnny Blogger

The Incredible String Band's debut album was released in 1966. It was recorded in one day - May 22nd - and is the only one they did as a trio, with Clive Palmer.

It's the least psychedelic, most straightforward folk album they did in the 60s and a first pressing is very rare.

As you can see, it's on the unusual white label with green and black text. Most early rock records on Elektra were on orange and then red labels. This white version only existed around 1966.

A mint copy is valued at £225, I picked up this copy for an amazing £2. The bloke that sold it to me said he thought it was unplayable because it was so scuffed. I thought it'd play on my deck because it was all light scratchesand so it proved. It doesn't even skip. It is a bit crackly and the sleeve is creased so it's obviously not very valuable but it is very rare and collectible and that'll do for me.

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