Jethro Tull - Sunshine Day b/w Aeroplane

Jethro Tull - Sunshine Day b/w Aeroplane
Authored By Johnny Blogger

Tull's first single appeared in 1967 on the MGM label (always thought that was an odd choice for them) but miscredited it to Jethro Toe and that spelling error created a collectible record that remains one of the holy grails for all truly rare record collectors. As there were so few copies pressed, they now change hands for £500 and more. If your copy says Jethro Tull, it is a counterfeit, produced in New York, apparently. The record was produced by Derek Lawrence who would go on to produce the first 3 Deep Purple records. Written by the excellent Mick Abrahams, it sounds like early Tull, in that it's a bit bluesey and a bit jazz-rock-ish. Actually, it sounds like Blodwyn Pig, the band Mick soon left to form. Have these tracks ever been put onto a compilation album? None of my copies feature it. Not even the 5 album retrospective box set.

Within a year, the band would have a top 3 single on its hands with Living In The Past and would be turning down a chance to play Woodstock, but in '68 they couldn't get get arrested, so this record is not just a rare thing, it is the roots of one of our biggest and most wonderful bands.


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