Led Zeppelin 2 - The Rare Version

Led Zeppelin 2 - The Rare Version
Authored By Johnny Blogger

Led Zeppelin 2 has sold in many, many millions and it helped define what we came to know as rock music. However, the fact there are millions of copies out there doesn't mean it's not potentially a very rare record. Have you got a UK first pressing? If you have it could be worth up to £450.

All things Zeppelin are collectible, so go and get your copy out and take a close look at it. This is how you tell if you've got a rare first pressing. It should be on the red/plum Atlantic label, with 'Living Loving Maid' miscredited as 'Living Loving Wreck'. The sleeve should be a light brown gatefold with a blue-green edge.
Later copies were, of course, on the green/orange label, and the sleeve anything from a dark brown to black. They're still worth £10 in great condition, but the first pressing is the holy grail which is only likely to go up in value.

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