Led Zeppelin 4

Led Zeppelin 4
Authored By Johnny Blogger

It's sometimes given other names but I grew up with this as Led Zep 4 and so I'm sticking with that.

Now, all things Zeppelin are collectible, even records like this, which have sold in tens of millions command very good prices. The new versions are all well and good - but give me a 70s slab of vinyl any day. They knew how to do it back then and I'm still not wholly convinced that pressing plants are what they once were, and I'm also not at all convinced by this 180gm vinyl. OK it's heavy but so what? New vinyls are often much quieter and less powerful than that produced 40 years ago.

Anyway, I went off on one there. I'm here to discuss Led Zep 4. There are at least 9 different pressings of this which command prices of £20-500.

Mine is a mispressing. Instead of Atlantic, it's on Asylum. Obviously, a mess up at the pressing plant. This makes it worth £150 tops, mine is a bit ragged so £50 seems realistic.

The most expensive collectible is a first pressing on red and maroon label, carries a Peter Grant credit, has Led Zeppelin at the top of the label, Pecko Duck is etched onto the run out groove on side 1 and Porky on side 2. Matrix numbers A/3 and B/3.

Got all of that? Then you've got a £300 mint condition Led Zeppelin 4 record.

The one I'd really like is the 1978 lilac pressing. I'd have to pay £50 for that.

Even a first reissue on red/green Atlantic label is worth £25 these days...so go on, go and have a look at your copy.

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