Led Zeppelin 4 - The Most Rare Copy

Led Zeppelin 4 - The Most Rare Copy
Authored By Johnny Blogger

Led Zeppelin 4 - The Most Rare Copy

One of rock music's perennial classics, it has sold in many, many millions and will doubtless continue to do so, simply because it is brilliant. But have you got a rare copy? Here's your checklist

  1. Red/plum Atlantic label with Peter Grant credit on it and Led Zeppelin on the bottom
  2. 'Pecko Duck' etched into run out groove on side 1 and 'Porky' on side 2
  3. Matrix numbers A//3 and B//3

If your copy has these details, then you've got a 1st pressing with the 1st labels and this makes it rare and valuable. There are a total of 5 different red/plum label variations, including a rare one with the feather upside down on one side, but this one was the first off the press
A mint condition copy will fetch you upwards of £300.




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