Led Zeppelin - The Rare Version

Led Zeppelin - The Rare Version
Authored By Johnny Blogger

Led Zeppelin's debut album has sold in the many millions. It transformed and revolutionised rock music and it's a super groovy toe-tapper, baby. Recorded in about 30 hours for a cost of just £1,782 it went on to gross over £3.5 million, mostly back when a million was a lot of wedge. And it keeps on selling in the new formats too, of course. For record collectors though, there is a holy grail copy of this record that we all want.

The very first UK pressings had turquoise writing on the cover and not orange as it soon became. I don't know who made the decision to change it but I actually like it better turquoise. Within weeks it was reprinted.

The label of this super rare version with be red and plum coloured Atlantic and will also have a publishing credit on it to "Superhype".

And that's it. Some highly collectible items have a huge tick list of details, but not Led Zeppelin 1. It only ever came out in stereo - unusually so at the time - but there are so few turquoise copies and Zep are so revered that it is now valued as high as £1500 - and a truly mint copy would go for more than that because it's become a really good investment.


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