Legendary Rock Venues : Hammersmith Odeon

Legendary Rock Venues : Hammersmith Odeon
Authored By John Nicholson

One of the holy places to worship at the altar of rock n roll. I'm not sure how or why it became to elevated in the pantheon of rock gigs but it always felt that if you could sell out the Hammy you'd really made it. It's 5,000 capacity ensured that you had to have an audience to shift the tickets.

Built in 1932 in the art deco style and called The Gaumont Palance ( great name!) it was renamed in 1962 and even though it's had various sponsors in recent decades to our generation it will always be the Hammy-O

Immortalised in the Motorhead live album title, despite them not playing there on that tour, every band with any sort of following have rocked up - in the picture Rush are doing 5 nights without support. (And isn't 'gear' a nicer word than 'merchandise'?)

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