Mount Clemens Pop Festival 1969

Mount Clemens Pop Festival 1969
Authored By John Nicholson

Held on August 3, 1969, The Mount Clemens Pop Festival was the creation of promoter David Dubay. This event was held at Sportsman’s Park near New Haven, Michigan. This was a full-day event that started at noon and ran through to midnight. 

The full line up was:

Alice Cooper, Cat Mother, Charlie Latimer, Country Joe & The Fish, Frijid Pink, John Mayall, Mainline, MC5, Muddy Waters, Owen Love, Rush (not the Canuck prog trio), Savage Grace, T-Bone Walker, Ted Lucas, The All Night Newsboys, The Attack, The McCoys, The Pleasure Seekers, The Red, White and Blues Band, The Stooges, The Up, Eric Burdon (replaced by Country Joe & the Fish), Früit of the Loom, John Lee Hooker(was a no show).

The Pleasure Seekers were the Quatro family’s band, notionally led by Mike but also featuring Patti who would go on to be in Fanny and Suzi who was England-bound four years later under the wing of Mickie Most.

As far as I can tell, the MC5 headlined, this being near their Detroit Grande Ballroom stomping ground. This was a fertile period for Michigan bands like Alice, the Stooges, MC5, Amboy Dukes(originally from Chicago but based in Detroit), Frijid Pink, The Frost, Rare Earth, SRC. They all played a lot of festivals and shows around the state 68 - 71.

Many bands were locally popular but never recorded anything, others got contracts but never broke nationwide. SRC are a good example of that. They released 3 albums from 1969 - 71 and pretty much any festival bill you can find in that era, they appeared at, but wider recognition always escaped them. 

This was one of many one-day multi-act shows held in and around Detroit and Michigan in the late 60s Indeed, there's a good claim to say that this was the birthplace of one of what become a major strand of rock music in the 70s - the garage rock/punk sound of the Stooges et all, which would go on to be so influential and still is today.  


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