Tea Break Over...Back On My Head

Tea Break Over...Back On My Head
Authored By Johnny Blogger

Well that's the Edinburgh Fringe Festival done for another year. As you know, I was one of ten people on the Comedy Awards Panel and I saw a total of 123 shows in 3 weeks. On Saturday the awards were announced. Now it's all over, it's nice to just sit around the flat, looking out over Stockbridge, listening to records and writing, which is pretty much all I do the rest of the year. September will see me finish writing the 10th Nick Guymer novel, the working title of which is King of the Tees. I have a month to do that, in order to get it onto the shelves in time for Christmas. At this stage it looks to me like it needs about 200 hours of work and that means working for 7 or 8 hours a day for a month on it.
While that sounds like a lot of work, I actually find it is much easier to get writing done when you immerse yourself totally into it. It's far harder to do 2 hours, stop, do something else, then try to pick it up again later. When writing fiction, I need to be totally in the world I'm writing about and when I do that, it all flows very easily. I think it's so important to find out how you work best and try to stick to that process.
The nice thing about having had a month off at the Fringe is that it fills up, what I like to call, my word tank. Being around people, seeing how they interact, seeing what they wear and how they speak, all puts paint onto the writer's palette. Too much of it means you can never get any work done, but the last few weeks will set me in good stead for the next month of writing.
Of course, I'll be doing my DJTees promo work and writing my History of Rock blogs and detailing my ongoing obsession with vinyl records. It's a dirty job but someone has to do it. Have a rockin' week. Cheers! Johnny


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