The Beatles - Rubber Soul

The Beatles - Rubber Soul
Authored By John Nicholson

I remember my parents coming home with this record in 1965. While they liked the Beatles this was the last record they'd buy of theirs because by Revolver they'd "gone all weirdy on those drug things." The fact I remember that sentence shows how much effect it had on me, later persuading me to have a go on those drug things if it meant producing such great art!

Rubber Soul is certainly related to the far-out-ed-ness of Revolver with songs like Norwegian Wood and the brilliant Nowhere Man, which I absolutely love and still speaks to my soul even now. Likewise, Michelle is still an affecting, romantic love song.

If, like me, you think the Beatles peak of creative brilliance was Revolver - a work of still staggering achievement - Rubber Soul is fascinating stepping stone to that record just a year later. It was #1 all over the world and sold 6 million copies in USA alone.

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