The Scottish Blues and Progressive Festival - Inverness July 18th 1970

The Scottish Blues and Progressive Festival - Inverness  July 18th 1970
Authored By John Nicholson

Inverness, for those not familiar with Scotland, is the capital of the Highlands, a long way from most everywhere else. So putting a festival on there and getting a good roster of bands to play, can't have been easy. However in 1970, bands would tour the highway and byways of the UK more fearlessly than they do today.

With Taste, Savoy Brown, Atomic Rooster, Brinsely Schwarz, If and Black Widow on the bill, it was a must go-to gig for all the local heads. Black Widow closed the show but was not allowed to 'sacrifice' a woman which was part of their act at the time. Thank the lord for that.

It was held at Inverness Caledonians FC original ground on Telford Street. They were an amateur football club but had a decent wee stadium. I know the area well as we used to live across the water on the Black Isle and used to go to Inverness most weeks.

A local progressive band Hot Cottage (great name!) also played. They used to tour all over the North Of Scotland delivering heavy groover vibes to the hippies and freaks who lived in these isolated communities. 
String Driven Thing also performed, who were a Scottish folk rock outfit and If, a new but fantastic jazz rock band were also on the bill.  
Such a strong line-up and the 8,000 that turned up were reported in the local paper to have had a good time and the weather was even dry for a change. Stuart Henry, a national DJ on the BBC at the time, was the MC for the day and said that the following year's show would be even bigger. Sadly, it never happened.

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