The Who - Quadrophenia

The Who - Quadrophenia
Authored By Johnny Blogger

The Who's classic album, Quadrophenia came out in 1973 with lavish packaging, even by early 70s standards when record companies were prepared to invest in records as piece of art and not treat it as mere disposable product.

Of course, when you've got a 22-page booklet, it tends to get battered over the years, so finding mint condition copies is almost impossible. The book gets creased and fingered, the sleeve is also soft paper and so very prone to ring wear (aren't we all?)

If you can find a mint copy, and it's on Track 2406 110 and has a matt label, you're looking at a £40.00 record.

Mine is a first pressing but is...err...I think the polite term is distressed Record is inexcellent nick but sleeve has gone furry. But then I paid £2.00 for it, so what can you expect? As it is, it's still probably worth £15-20.

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