They don’t prescribe it, but maybe they should!!!

They don’t prescribe it, but maybe they should!!!
Authored By John Nicholson

You may or not know that in mid November, I, Johnny, had a stroke.
It’s common enough. It’s left me so far with a frozen left hand and a dysfunctional foot. I’ve been in hospital ever since. Thankfully in all other respects I am normal or better than what had been normal.
As you can imagine it’s been a dark and upsetting time that came out of the blue. The thing I’ve clung onto is a love of rock and roll’s spirit and energy. I’ve still got it and you learn to appreciate what you’ve got, rather than what you’ve lost. That way lies pain and heartache.
I really mean it. It’s been a life long love. The one thing that’s always been with me, supporting and looking out for me. A good friend. The foot up on the stage monitor of life has kept me going to a place of light. I don’t know what I’d have done without it in the middle of a sleepless night. It sounds daft, but the thought that all that great music is out there drives me on. And of course, the thought of my records inspires me further. I am sure I’m not alone in such a feeling, but there are some seriously ill people here and I can’t help but think they all need a shot of good old rock and roll. It really is worth living for.
I’m pencilled in for discharge at the end of February, until then I’ve got to improve my walking and balance. When I do get home to my wonderful doting partner Dawn who has been brilliant this whole time, one of the first things I’ll do is play some rock music very loud and try to let it tear out all the pain and distress. They don’t prescribe it, but maybe they should!!! 


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