Uriah Heep - Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble

Uriah Heep - Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble
Authored By Johnny Blogger

Their first record and still one of my favourites. Released 13th June 1970 it opens with their all-time classic Gypsy. There were some famously bad reviews for this album, all totally unjustified, in my view. Their version of Come Away Melinda, which they never seemed to do live, is also superb.

The man on the cover in cobwebs is singer Dave Byron. I only just found that out. Only took me 45 years!

An original first pressing of this on a Vertigo swirl label is a £350 record with subsequent pressing worth up to £80. It then moved to Bronze. My copy is a West Germany pink Island rim and thus only about £10 in value.


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