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Davie Jones and The King Bees – Liza Jane b/w Louie Louie Go Home


In 1964, the man who was to become David Bowie laid down his first ever recording. David was a callow 17-year-old youth and the record is an inconsequential 2 minutes and 18 seconds of pop music. It didn’t sell at all and was soon forgotten by everyone. So much so that when the fella who managed the band at the time was called up by his mother a few years later, wanting to get rid of a box full of the 7” singles, he agreed to let her bin them. Bowie still wasn’t famous, there was no prospect of those singles from 1964 ever being worth anything and nobody wanted to listen to it.

Today one of those alone would fetch upwards of £1250, £1600 or more if it was a demo!
Decca re-released it in 1978, and copies of that issue are common enough for it to only be worth £25, but if you’ve got an original, you might want to sell it and pay for a holiday.