Blood on the Tees


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When Nick sits on a jury that finds Glenn Vokes guilty of Danny Ross€™s murder and sends him down for 25 years, he is absolutely convinced it is the wrong decision and he sets out to prove it, taking him into the squalid, seedy, low-life world of the Zetland flats, where the murder happened. But everyone is a waster, a liar and a low-life drug addict, while the police seem incompetent, or corrupt, or both. How will he ever find proof that Vokes is innocent?

Jeff insists these are very bad people and that Nick will regret ever getting involved with them, but Nick can€™t let the injustice of an innocent man being sent to jail be allowed to stand.

When Julie€™s brother sends her a photograph of someone in a bar in Benidorm, someone who can€™t possibly be there, it starts to become clear that there has been a huge conspiracy that goes right to the top of society, and urged on by Cleveland Police boss, Mandy Beale, Nick, Julie and Jeff are sent out to Spain to uncover the truth. What they discover will prove fatal for someone.

Set in Middlesbrough, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham and Benidorm, Blood on the Tees is a novel about the underclass, the addicted and the awful.

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5XL 62-64 35 157-162 89

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