Actually, maybe that was the best year...

Actually, maybe that was the best year...
Authored By John Nicholson
I was talking about the best year for music the other day. Competing hard is 1972. It's not as prog-stellar as a year later, but it does include one of my personal most influential records; ‘Made In Japan’ by Deep Purple. I am not alone in finding that album changed my young life and in fact, changed my whole outlook. I discovered it three years later and couldn’t stop playing it. It was exciting and it felt grown up.
Thick As A Brick from Jethro Tull is another favourite, especially in its abbreviated format on the live album. Harvest by Neil Young captivated me, an older 18-year-old lad, as I discovered introspection and with it America’s first which is also a 1972 release.
It’s easy to think Roxy Music’s first album isn’t as weird and creative as it is. We took it for granted and thought nothing of its eclecticism but to hear Ladytron now, well, I’m not sure that it still isn’t ahead of its time.
Joni’s ‘For The Roses’ was another release for anyone looking for something musical and personal. ‘You Turn Me On, I’m A Radio’ is such a great song of how someone (James Taylor in this case) can make you feel.
The first Jerry Garcia solo album came out in ‘72 and is a placeholder for a great Grateful Dead album. Blue Oyster Cult’s first album came out and what a first album that was. ‘Something/Anything?’ By Todd Rundgren was a big wide-ranging affair as was ‘Just Another Band From L.A.’ by Frank Zappa and the Mothers. And who can forget Purple’s Machine Head which I embraced like it was religion. I believed in it.
One of the best but unpopular albums was Steve Miller Band’s ‘Recall The Beginning..A Journey From Eden’ which only made #109 but the second side of which is a classic as is Mountain: Live. The Road Goes Ever On.’ Gosh Rory’s Live In Europe was released too. I loved that and ‘Trilogy’ by ELP. So many great records, none better than ‘Close To The Edge’ by Yes.
Actually maybe that was the best year. Were it not for a lack of the very best prog, it would be.

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