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Just so you know, our t-shirts are all our own creations and they are 100% unofficial. They are not endorsed by the artists and we’re not trying to pass them off as though they are official.

T-shirts that Rock!

Johnny's Rock Blogs

Newport Jazz Festival July 1969

Newport Jazz Festival July 1969 - The long running jazz fest opened its doors to hip n groovy rock acts in 1969. It became...


The Fantasy Fair And Magic Mountain Festival 1967

This was a momentous moment in the history of rock music. Held at the Sidney B. Cushing Memorial Amphitheatre, on the south side of...

Us Festival 1982

More Vinyl Culture....

Incredible String Band – Incredible String Band

The Incredible String Band's debut album was released in 1966. It was recorded in one day - May 22nd - and is the only...
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