Back Street Crawler and then plain Crawler...

Back Street Crawler and then plain Crawler...
Authored By John Nicholson
When you’ve had one of the world’s best guitarists in your line-up it perhaps inevitable that when he is no more, people will think you’re a busted flush. That’s what happened to Back Street Crawler and then plain Crawler.
They featured Paul Kossoff for their debut album The Band Played On. It was a fine blues-rock outing with brilliant blues guitar which struggled to find an audience in the UK. But this was an excellent band. They continued with a second album which featured Kossoff and also Snuffy Walden, who also toured with the band, filling in for Kossoff when he was 'indisposed'.
Tragically, the guitarist was to die on tour in 1976.
CrawlerNevertheless, the band went on for 2 great albums as Crawler. They talked to Peter Green about joining but he wasn’t ready. So, excellent axeman Geoff Whithorn got onboard and they brought out 2nd Street which it went down well in America. A fine album.
Totally out of fashion in the UK, Stone Cold Sober, a single, was a minor hit in USA. It sold well enough to encourage a second album. Snake Rattle And Roll did less well and they broke up in 1979.
Both bands were heavy rock, blues and soul classics which suffered from the vicissitudes of musical fashion. They remain quite unknown in the UK and deserve a bigger audience even now.

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Back Street Crawler

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