Billboard #1 Albums of 1968

Billboard #1 Albums of 1968
Authored By John Nicholson
I love how, in this period, the album charts could still have some easy-listening, middle-of-the-road albums topping the listings and then the next week a rock album would takeover. 
You can see the struggle between the rock generation and their parents here. Paul Mauriat with his orchestral versions of pop hits was massively popular and topped the charts here for 5 weeks, Herb Alpert - whose records my parents had - managed 2 weeks too, but this year was really all about Simon & Garfunkel who for 16 weeks from 6th April topped the charts.
The other quirk is the fact The Rascals topped for a week. They never really broke in UK except for 'Groovin' getting to #8, but in USA by 1968 they'd had six top 10 hits and three #1s. They're too often forgotten in the history of US pop/rock, I think. They had a foot in the psychedelic groovers camp but one in the commercial pop market too. A hard straddle to make.   
The second half of the summer of '68 was dominated by Cream's 'Wheels of Fire', blasting its way to the top for a month. Amazing to think they were not even two years old at that point and had almost burnt themselves out, regardless. It was America's first platinum-selling double album, y'know.
The other thing to notice here is how every single rock album has gone on to become an absolute classic of the age and genre. Glory days, my friends, glory days  


January 6 'Magical Mystery Tour' - The Beatles / Soundtrack

March 2 'Blooming Hits' - Paul Mauriat and His Orchestra

April 6 'The Graduate' - Simon & Garfunkel / Soundtrack

May 25 'Bookends' - Simon & Garfunkel

June 15 'The Graduate' - Simon & Garfunkel / Soundtrack

June 29 'Bookends' - Simon & Garfunkel

July 27 'The Beat of the Brass' - Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass

August 10 'Wheels of Fire' - Cream

September 7 'Waiting for the Sun' - The Doors

September 28 'Time Peace: The Rascals' Greatest Hits' - The Rascals

October 5 'Waiting for the Sun' - The Doors

October 12 'Cheap Thrills' - Big Brother and the Holding Company

November 16 'Electric Ladyland' -Jimi Hendrix Experience

November 30 'Cheap Thrills' - Big Brother and the Holding Company

December 21 'Wichita Lineman' - Glen Campbell

December 28 'The Beatles (The White Album)' - The Beatles

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