Bob Dylan’s Album Chart Performance in UK and USA

Bob Dylan’s Album Chart Performance in UK and USA
Authored By John Nicholson

Bob has had more #1 albums in the UK than in the USA with a total of 9 at present, compared to 5 in the US. No country in the world has put his records at #1 more than the UK.

His first chart topper was ‘The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan’ in 1963 which got to only #22 in the USA.

Stateside he had to wait until 1974 for his first #1 with the fantastic ‘Planet Waves’ record and followed up with the epic ‘Blood On The Tracks’, which also got to #1 in USA (#4UK)

The only major release not to chart in UK was 1973’s ‘Dylan’, which did get to #17 in the USA where the debut album Bob Dylan, is his only non-charting album

His best-selling studio album is ‘Blood on The Tracks’. It has sold at least 2.4 million copies worldwide. Not bad for your 15th album! And the 16th, ‘Desire’, is close behind in sales terms.

His best selling records of all time are the ‘Greatest Hits Vol I & II’ both of which have sold over 5 million in the States alone and probably nearer 10 million worldwide. 

The only record to get to #1 on both sides of the Atlantic is 2009’s ‘Together Through Life’. ‘John Wesley Harding’ nearly did it being #1 in UK and #2 in the USA back in 1967. Nashville Skyline made #3 USA and #1 in UK

His lowest peak position for a charting record in UK is #40 for Christmas In The Heart and World Gone Wrong in the USA #70.

He’s released a lot of live albums, discounting archive albums, the most popular in the USA is ‘Before The Flood’ with the Band. It got to #3 (x8 UK). In Britain it’s ‘Hard Rain’, which got to #3 (#17 USA)

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