Bull Frog Lake Rock, Oregon July 1969

Bull Frog Lake Rock, Oregon July 1969
Authored By John Nicholson

This festival was a 3-day event held on  Fri Jul 04, 1969 - Sun Jul 06, 1969 on private land at Bullfrog Lake Trailer Park about 20 miles south of Portland, Oregon. The bands that played were headlined by Jefferson Airplane but also included Ace of Cups, Family Tree, Jimmy Holden Trio, Jugerknot, Mixed Blood, Portland Electric Zoo Band, The Sons of Champlin.

Unusually for a 3-day festival, held a month before Woodstock, which must have had a lot of publicity locally, and is likely to have been subjected to the usual injunctions and uptight local townsfolk, very little has been written about it. In fact, that line-up of bands doesn’t seem enough for a 3-day fest.

And yet it must’ve been a success because they put another on the following year. 

However, the good news is that someone took some 8mm movie footage and it reveals a lot of young hippie people without an ounce of body fat on them, grooving in the sun and generally getting it on. It looks very peaceful and bucolic. 

If anyone knows anything more about the first, do drop me a line.

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