Butterfield Blues Band - In My Own Dream

Butterfield Blues Band - In My Own Dream
Authored By John Nicholson

This was their fourth record and was released in 1968 which is surely why the cover looks so psychedelic. Every blues musician in the late 60s has at least one psychedelic cover even the likes of T-Bone Walker and Chuck Berry.

This album is more what we'd come to know as soul music infused throughout with blues too, of course. It's the last one Elvin Bishop played on and Al Kooper guests on a couple of songs.

It's not the groundbreaking music of East-West but it's still a very tasty record, all the same. As the BBB album have the timeless classy vibe to them that just never goes out of style even if it sometimes goes out of fashion. And it's rare record these days too. A UK copy on orange Elektra is worth about £40.

It made no impression on the charts in UK - none of their albums did - which is a little odd really as we regularly put blues records by the likes of John Mayall into the upper reaches of the chart. Perhaps the BBB albums were not marketed over here and thus sank without a trace.

However, it did peak at #79 on the Billboard chart, indeed most of their albums made the American charts with Resurrection of Pigboy Crabshaw being the highest placed at #52

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