Deep Purple - You Keep On Moving b/w Dealer

Deep Purple - You Keep On Moving  b/w  Dealer
Authored By John Nicholson

Collecting Deep Purple records - which I do -  is an almost never ending task if you’re trying to be a completest. This isn’t because there’s so many per se but because they were released in so many territories and often with a different b-side or picture sleeve. 

This Dutch 7” single is a good case in point. The last they released before splitting up in 1975, it only came out with Dealer on the b-side in 6 countries. Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, Belgium, Philippines and Spain. But within those, it was released with a different sleeve in Belgium.

Spain and Germany released it with the sleeve of Come Taste The Band 

And without a sleeve in the other regions. 

In UK, Greece and Yugoslavia it came out with Love Child on the b-side. In UK it didn’t have a picture sleeve (boo) but in Yugoslavia it has a unique one, with a reversed photo - that’s why Tommy Bolin appears to be left-handed! 

But in Italy alone Gettin’ Tighter was the b-side and again, it had a unique picture sleeve. 

So that’s at least 10 different versions of the same A-side single to collect and I’ve not even started on the South and Central American releases or the Russian bootlegs!  And this is one of the less widely released records. 

All of which is exactly why we’re collectors of course. How boring it would be if there was just one universal copy of a release. Oh, and now there is. It’s called a Download. And where’s the fun in that?

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