Did you buy the programme?

Did you buy the programme?
Authored By John Nicholson
Did you always buy a programme at a gig? I’m ashamed to say I didn’t always, because I wish I had them all now. I only seem to have a rather thin thing from seeing Uriah Heep on the High And Mighty tour supported by the very good band Widowmaker, featuring Ariel Bender, who only lasted two albums. I don’t remember much about them, but they had Bob Daisley on bass.

Most gigs had a tour programme, usually it was not a lavish affair and were often expensive. This is why I didn’t buy one. SAHB’s programme was like a comic book and I had a copy for years, but now can’t find it.

I even knew someone who kept a Knebworth Zeppelin programme. I reasoned it wouldn’t survive a day in a big field and as I recall it was expensive. Dawn had a Genesis one from the Duke tour. I have no idea what happened to that.

Usually, there was a little bit of biog, some discussion of the tour and info about the support act. Japanese programmes were high quality with good photos, too often for the Euro leg, not as much care and attention was taken.

What was the best programme you bought? I wish I’d been more vigilant and kept programmes and tickets, but I didn’t think they’d mean anything 45 years later.

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