Do tribes still exist?

Do tribes still exist?
Authored By John Nicholson

When growing up in the 70s there were clearly demarcated groups and they didn’t blur together. I was in the long hair, hippie group, prone to philosophising and general anti-establishment beliefs. Not too far out you understand, the more extreme elements tempered by living in the northeast of England.

This was enough to clearly separate me from other social groups. And although it was a crude thing, I was happy enough with being in this group. Other groups were punks, mods, smoothies and even a group who could only be grouped by their not being in a group. They seemed to be part of every group and flitted between them. I always admired that but was too obviously a member of my group to pull it off.

But do such groups still exist? I sense they don’t in the same strongly tribal way they used to. It’s a two edged sword, I loved being part of my tribe, but that fact meant I was alienated from others in different groups. That was stupid. At its worst I thought other long hairs were buddies in my group but short hairs couldn't be. This was monumentally narrow minded, not to say naïve and well illustrated my unworldliness.

So it would probably be for the best if the tribes didn’t exist. For all the pleasure of being in a tribe, it was very restrictive not to say bigoted. In the same way, being a rock kid meant you couldn’t enjoy certain bands or musicians, without attracting ire from the tribe. But that was ridiculous and stupid.
If you’re 18 now and like rock music does it mean you can’t enjoy any other form of music? I hope not.

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