Eric Clapton - Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton - Eric Clapton
Authored By Johnny Blogger

His first solo record and still the best. Never has a rock star looked so reluctant to be on the cover of his own album. Slumped in a chair, Eric was in his phase of shunning the fame that had come with being in Cream and preferring to be more down home with Delaney and Bonnie, both of whom are on this record along with future Dominoes Jim Gordon, Bobby Whitlock and Carl Radle. Leon Russell and Rita Coolidge also makes an appearance along with this wonderful sax of Bobby Keys. Steve Still is on the record too.

No wonder it is a brilliant record with such a stellar line-up of musicians and I still feel that Let It Rain is one of the best things Eric ever laid down in his whole career. He set the bar so high with this and it's hard to see any other solo release since matching up to it.



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