Everything is related to everything else...

Everything is related to everything else...
Authored By John Nicholson

There are so many albums worth your attention in the last 60 years, it’s hard to know where to start when exploring anything that isn’t mainstream, but one of the ways into it all is to pick a musician and get every album they played on.
Because you can end up with albums you’d never have listened to. One of the most fun people to do this for is, of course, Jimmy Page or John Paul Jones because they were such prolific session musicians.
It’ll give you a tour of 1960s music, taking in the Who, the Kinks and the Stones and Dave Berry to name just a few and a bit of Roy Harper in the 70s.
Similarly Jerry Garcia will get you to some interesting places and not just the Grateful Dead. You will get some New Riders of the Purple sage, numerous Airplane-related albums, like Volunteers and Blows Against the Empire. Then there’s the Old And In The Way bluegrass album, and his solo stuff like Reflections and Cats Under Stars and the records with John Khan and Hooteroll? With Howard Wales and Robert Hunter and Mickey Hart records. I haven’t checked, but I bet he’s on the Ace album and there are loads of Jerry Garcia Band live albums.
A fun one is to get everything Nicky Hopkins played on. Unusually you’ll find him on Stones albums, often crossing paths with Page and playing with the Who, Jeff Beck and having moved to California, also a lot of west coast records too by the likes of Steve Miller and Quicksilver and Airplane, alongside Garcia as well as his own solo work and playing piano on the Beatles Revolution. If you can get the Sweet Thursday, album from 1969, a short-lived band he was in, you’ve done well. He even played with the Jerry Garcia Band.
Eventually, as I always say, everything is related to everything else and whoever you pick will intersect with another musician you could pick. It makes for a really interesting exercise and you end up in some really interesting places.

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