Grateful Dead - Dark Star

Grateful Dead - Dark Star
Authored By Johnny Blogger

Grateful Dead - Born Cross-Eyed b/w Dark Star. Culled from their debut album, this was the the band's first UK 7" single and it predictably made no impact on the charts when it was released in 1967. In UK, Dark Star was the 'b' side but in USA it was flipped and made the 'a' side. It was also released in this wonderful picture sleeve.

Still didn't sell a bean, but then, you could've guessed that Deadheads were not going to make the effort to put down the spliff, get off the sofa and turn over a record after 3 minutes. That's, like, a blink of the cosmic eye, dude.

A UK copy of this will now cost you about £50 if you can find one at all and it won't even have the great picture sleeve.


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