Hit & miss job lots...

Hit & miss job lots...
Authored By John Nicholson
When you’ve been collecting records for most of your life, you end up with some unusual records. Usually, they come as part of a job lot bought on the cheap. In one such job lot, I ended up with this:- 
An odd thing where the man who played detective McCloud made country albums on his own label. It’s terrible and sounds like he couldn’t make this music unless he put it out on his own label.

On the other hand, a job lot contained this:-
Which is rather good and I‘d never normally have heard it.

I highly recommend buying job lots, usually from auction houses. You end up with a range of records from very good to very bad. It’s amazing who made records and who bought them. Also what good albums were made by artists normally dismissed by rock people. I once discovered I had bought New Routes by Lulu and that it was the R&B album she made to try and appeal to a long-hair audience produced by Tom Dowd, featuring the Muscles Shoals Rhythm Section and Duane Allman. It didn’t sell, producing only the #47 single Oh Me Oh My (I'm A Fool For You Baby) but it is rather good and she is a great singer. Equally one of the worst albums I have is by Leonard Nimoy:-
Which is terrible and rather peculiar and even worse than William Shatner’s records. It can’t have sold many but it's worth nothing. That such records were ever made shows where the industry was at and I’d never realised if it wasn’t in a job lot.

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