Jimi Hendrix - Axis Bold As Love

Jimi Hendrix - Axis Bold As Love
Authored By Johnny Blogger

A legendary album with few peers in the history of rock, Axis Bold As Love is also a veryrare record in it's original UK monopressing.

I'll let its entry in Discogs do the work here.

The original UK Track issue [Dec 1967] is a gatefold. Cover image is oriented 90-degrees right to spine and is laminated, with an unlaminated inside [flipback] spread of a Silverstein photo of the trio. It has an orange-printed 4-page insert with red text lyrics.

There is no insert in the US issue [1968], which has the lyrics on the inside spread. Polydor issues in Europe do not have printed lyrics and the French has a different sleeve. The mono issues were available in UK, US, Australia and New Zealand [US issues on cover have mono in l/c on 1st issue & mono or stereo in serif caps on 2nd+ issues] - stereo available worldwide. All issues have a 2nd A-Side mix, after the original A-side Master was lost. The mono has distinct differences in the [separate] mix to the stereo, most noticeable in the vocals.

Got a mint copy?

Yeah? Here's £750, then. Yes, really.

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