Jimi Hendrix - Isle Of Wight

Jimi Hendrix - Isle Of Wight
Authored By Johnny Blogger

This has always been my favourite live album by Jimi. Wonderfully wild and loose, and with a wonderful photo gracing the cover, it should be held in higher regard than it often is. Wisdom has it that his last performance in England wasn't very good and was too shambolic but this record disproves that long held view.

Yeah he's loose, of course he is, but there's a liquid power to his playing here, the fact it sometimes veers towards anarchy only makes it more thrilling. The version of Freedom is brilliant, the performance of In From The Storm thrilling. That was to be the last song he played on English soil

The magnificent colour photo on the cover is actually taken atDeutschlandhalle in Berlin on 4th September. The record only spent 2 weeks on the chart and got to 17. The whole of the gig was later released on an album called Blue Wild Angel.

This valued at £15 in Record Collector and it's worth every penny.


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