Jorgen Angel

Jorgen Angel
Authored By Johnny Blogger

A true legend of rock photography. There is simply no over-stating his importance in the iconography of rock 'n' roll. He photographed the very first ever Led Zeppelin gig and subsequently worked with them on many other occasions. Jimmy Page chose the legendary 'swoosh' photo that Jorgen took of him as one of his favourite photographs ever! As such, it was included in Jimmy's own book and as a result, Jimmy flew him to London and he was granted a private audience with the great man.

But Zeppelin aside, Jorgen was at the cutting edge of the classic rock era. He photographed Deep Purple Mk3 after their first ever gig together. He shot one of Jimi Hendrix's last ever shows. He toured with Uriah Heep and even went to stay with The Who's bass man, John Entwistle.

His photographs have an exciting, naturalistic, organic quality to them. They feel alive and expressive and very human. They capture the spirit of those early days of rock so well. This was before the bands were shielded from the public, back when it was much more about the music than the money. They were more simple, more innocent times. In fact, in the early 80s, when rock music was becoming a massive corporate business and taking photographs of musicians became harder work and a lot more hassle, Jorgen simply quit.

Considering his status in the Premier League of rock photographers, you just couldn't meet a more humble, easy-going chap and his photos are omnipresent in all the rock magazines. He has had major exhibitions in Denmark and beyond. His images are simply an important part of the warp and weft of rock n' roll history.

For us to have his archive of pictures to work into t-shirt designs for over a decade has always been a huge privilege, but to actually call him a friend has been a bigger one.

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