King Tees Paperback Now Available

King Tees Paperback Now Available
Authored By Johnny Blogger

This is the 10th novel in the Nick Guymer series. We published it on Kindle in December but it's only when the big papery brick comes back from the printer that it feels like a real thing. I am, of course, famously analogue in these matters. I think Kindle's are great and I totally see what people like about them, but all the same, I like something I can get hold of. It makes it concrete, somehow. Digital books, like digital music is all a bit too metaphysical for me. Where is it? What is it? Also I have a feeling that a book will last longer than any digital device in the same way that I've had records for 50 years and they still play great and yet in the last 10 years have got through 8 hard drives!

So what's King Tees about? Don't ask me, I only wrote it. After I've finished a novel, I seem to wipe my synapses clean of it in order to start on the next book. This is why, when I read it now, it feels almost like it was written by someone else and I catch myself thinking, this is exactly the sort of book I'd like to write...oh, hold on, I did write it.

Without giving away to many spoilers, the core theme of King Tees is about whether you are able to believe what you see, or if in fact, we're constantly being manipulated to see people and situations in a specific way. There are jokes too!

Early reviews have been really complimentary, with many calling it the best Guymer novel yet. I tend to always like the last book I've written the best anyway, so I'm not sure if they're right or not, but I do think it is the most complex and dense book I've written so far.

It's available directly from me on my website. I always recommend people buy it there rather than one of the big brand retailers because it allows me to make enough profit to have a chance at making a living!

I'm already looking forward to writing the 11th Guymer novel, which will start in late February once I've finished the 2nd Artie Taylor novel, Sugar Mama. I miss the characters when I'm not writing about them, which is an odd thing, really. I find myself wondering what they're doing. This may be early signs of dementia, though!




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