Led Zeppelin 3 - The Valuable First Pressing

Led Zeppelin 3 - The Valuable First Pressing
Authored By Johnny Blogger

Led Zeppelin 3 is many people's favourite Zeppelin album, featuring one of my fave Zep tracks 'Since I've Been Loving You' (complete with squeaky bass drum pedal) it is also one of the most brilliantly packaged records. Despite it being a multi-million seller, a first pressing is still worth a lot of money in mint condition.

So how to tell if you've got one? This is your check list

  1. Red/plum Atlantic label
  2. Gatefold rotating wheel sleeve
  3. Do what thou wilt in the side 1 run off
  4. Produced by Jimmy Page and Executive Producer Peter Grant on top of the label
  5. Catalogue number 2401002 on label.

Got all of those? Yeah? Expect someone to pay up to £200 for it, depending on condition.

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