Metallica, Clowns and a Flying V

Metallica, Clowns and a Flying V
Authored By Johnny Blogger

As I was sitting in a tent at the Edinburgh festival watching a man in full clown make-up called Puddles, belting out a Metallica song at 100 decibels, I realised life had got a bit weird. And I like that. I love a sudden injection of rock music into anything. As I was saying last week, it's all too rare.

Another show I was reviewing was, in essence, a kids show but with 'adult' humour which only the parents would understand. In the middle of that a man strapped on a Flying V and played a song. Even the sight of a Flying V make any day a better day to the rock n roller.

Now, as you know, my every waking hour is pretty much dedicated to the appreciation of rock music. I constantly play music in the house and when I'm on the move, I have the iPod in all the time. So I thought it was only me who, on seeing a bit of rock music in a show, would feel so good about it. But as I was coming out of the clown gig, I heard alot ofother guys talking about it and how great it was to get some heavy rock at the Fringe. So I'm sure there's a great thirst for it, but it's just not on many arty people's radar. It's all R & B and hip hop and much less wailing guitars.

I shall be a seeing a show that is largely about Marillion soon, so that should press all by 5 star reviewing buttons.

Until next week. Keep on rockin'
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