Neil Young - Neil Young

Neil Young - Neil Young
Authored By Johnny Blogger

Neil's first solo record came out in 1969. Hard to imagine now, but it didn't initially sell well. Although Buffalo Springfield had done well, there was no guarantee he'd be popular as a solo artist and CSN hadn't yet asked for services when this was recorded.

This means that the first UK pressings are relatively few and far between. My copy is one of them, though.

How do I know?

Because later pressings all had Neil Young in black type-face across the top, the initial pressing doesn't.

What's it worth? If it was in mint condition. £100 - but as you can see, mine spent some of its life in a field at a car boot before I rescued it for £1.00. I'd get maybe £25 for it like this.

Still, a great record - the Loner remains one of my favourites of his.

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