Rock Music in Public Places

Rock Music in Public Places
Authored By Johnny Blogger

This week, my days and nights are filled with going to see shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. As one of the judges on the Fosters Comedy Awards panel, I see up to 7 shows a day for the next 3 weeks. It's a great honour to do it, but I won't pretend that it's not hard work. OK, actually, it's not hard work. Hard work is working down a mine hacking coal out of a seam with a pick-axe, whereas this is largely just sitting down and watching people tells jokes to varying degrees of success.

But with my DJTees rock guru hat on, I'm here to tell you one thing: you never hear any rock music before during or after gigs. Never. Considering rock music has provided some of the biggest selling records of all time, it's never played as warm-up or exit music. Not a riff, not a guitar solo. It's always some dreadful R & B (and not even proper R & B, either) or something by one of those indie bands who have learned how to strum down on their guitars, but never strum up. Do you know what I mean? odd isn't it?

And if you think about it some more, how often do you hear any classic rock in public? Almost never. Not in coffee shops, not in stores, not in supermarkets. Why is that? More classic rock music is sold than any other genre, but you'd never know it when you step outside of your house.

So I sit there with my iPod on, listening to Mountain wondering what the assembled masses would make of a bit of Nantucket Sleighride. They'd probably love it. Anyway, I shall struggle on. Have yerself a good week.

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