Stephen Stills 2

Stephen Stills 2
Authored By Johnny Blogger

This came out in 1971. After his debut solo album the previous year, which made #3 in the Billboard chart, the follow-up did slightly less well peaking at #8. Where the first record had been critically very well received and remains the only album that both Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix played on, this album was savaged as self-indulgent.

Ignore the critics. It's a wonderful record, with two outstanding Stills classics, 'Change Partners' and 'Word Game' It also features Clapton again, Dr John and Nils Lofgren.

The lyrics for the album were printed on the inside of the gatefold cover in red, on a background photograph of Stills, but there were so many errors that Atlantic soon began to issue the album with a large sticker on the shrink wrap of the back cover with the corrections on. Later editions of the album had corrected lyrics inside the gatefold.

It's valued at £15 and it's not one you see around too much. All Stills solo records are worth collecting. He's so brilliant that even when off form, still produces classy music. The first two and the live album are the place to start.

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