Strawberry Mountain Fair, Canada 1970

Strawberry Mountain Fair, Canada 1970
Authored By John Nicholson

Held on Saturday May 16, 1970 and Sun May 17, 1970 off Lougheed Highway - Mission, Vancouver, British Columbia. 

There is some footage of this event on YouTube - the usual shaky 8mm footage of long hairs and groovers and rain.  The line-up was Country Joe and The Fish, Seals & Croft, Small Faces (actually The Faces - these things got confused in 1970) , Albert Collins, Redbone, Hosannah, Ball 'N Jack, and Elijah.

It wasn't a high profile festival and there's little info about it online. A weekend pass cost $7.50. Not to be confused with The Strawberry Fields Festival held later that year in August. 

Six songs from The Faces set was released last year, so that suggests that some or all of the festival were recorded. 


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