The Blues Project - Projections

The Blues Project - Projections
Authored By John Nicholson

The Blues Project : Projections

Released in 1966, the band’s second album is very much the place to start with this band, one of the first ‘jam bands’ who would perform extended improvisations live. A unique blend of blues, psychedelics and R & B this album has their classic FM hit ‘Flute Thing’ which transports the listener back to the days of love, peace and flowers perfectly. With Al Kooper, one of rock n roll’s more seminal figures on keys and songs like I Can’t Keep From Cryin’ Sometimes’ a song that Ten Years After would play for 25 minutes virtually every gig of their lives, there is plenty of killer and no filler. Danny Kalb and Steve Katz play the guitars and are such underrated, creative musicians. If you listen to their 11-minute version of Muddy Waters Two Trains, you can hear Kalb go out of tune and retune during the song. Very much not the sort of thing anyone would be allowed to commit to record now. But this was an organic band playing organic music for organic minds. 


"I Can't Keep From Crying" (Arranged by Al Kooper) – 4:25

"Steve's Song" (Steve Katz) – 4:55

"You Can't Catch Me" (Chuck Berry) – 4:14

"Two Trains Running" (McKinley Morganfield) – 11:20

"Wake Me, Shake Me" (Arranged by Kooper) – 5:15

"Cheryl's Going Home" (Bob Lind) – 2:35

"Flute Thing" (Kooper) – 5:58

"Caress Me Baby" (Jimmy Reed) – 7:12

"Fly Away" (Kooper) – 3:30

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