The Florrida World Music Festival - April 14th 1979

The Florrida World Music Festival - April 14th 1979
Authored By John Nicholson
Beach Club & Cellar Door Productions teamed up to promote the one-day 'The Florrida World Music Festival'. It was the largest festival in Florida in the 1970's with a record sell out crowd of 60,000 fans at the Tangerine Bowl in Orlando, Florida. 
It was inspired in its title by the Texxas World Music Festival which itself was inspired by the California Jam II. Ted Nugent & Aerosmith were headliners at each World Music Festival in California, Florida and Toronto, Canada.

The Florida World Music Festival featured a circus type atmosphere with rides and games along with a Rock & Roll Super Market with vendors selling Novelties, Records and Rock & Roll Memorabilia, or merch as we would call it today. Around midnight the closing of the Festival featured a 20 minute firework show.

The first and largest of the World Music Festival was held at the LA Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California on April 7 & 8, 1979. The second festival was at the Tangerine Bowl in Orlando, Florida on April 14, 1979. And the third festival was held at the National Exhibition Stadium in Toronto, Canada on July 2, 1979.

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