The Joy Of Session Musicians

The Joy Of Session Musicians
Authored By Johnny Blogger

There's nothing I like more than discovering a favourite rock musician on an obscure track as a guest or as a session musician. This weekend I found this rather obscure album by Lulu called New Routes. This was a shift in Lulu's career from pop star to a more AOR, bluesy direction, possibly influenced by Dusty's In Memphis album. There's our lassie sitting roadside, out on the American highway, to who knows where? It was recorded with the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section in 1969 and never sold a bean, despite having a lovely, classy groove on it.

But better still, on 4 tracks there is a certain Duane Allman playing guitar. He did a lot of sessions around then and you can find them on the Anthology 1 & 2 records. Well worth picking them up. He played on Otis Redding tracks, with Herbie Mann and many others.

By any standards this is a cool record, and a little bit hip. Pity it sank without a trace.

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