UK & USA ALBUM CHARTS. December 1970

UK & USA ALBUM CHARTS. December 1970
Authored By John Nicholson

This is the NME album charts for the first week in December 1970. It's worth taking a look at both UK and USA listings simply to reflect on how pretty much every single album, compilations aside, has subsequently become a classic album of the genre. Quite astonishing really. 

The only albums I don't have are the Bobby Sherman record,  Elvis' Christmas album, Shirley Bassey's Something - though I'd like that, love a bit of Shirl - and the Tom Jones' album.

Nice to see Arlo Guthrie's Washington County in at #29 on the USA listing and the first Steve Still solo album a new entry. In UK Atom Heart Mother by Pink Floyd is at #10 for a second week. That such a wilfully difficult album sold well enough to get in the top 10 reflects just how progressive and eclectic the record buying public where in 1970. And that Zep were #1 both sides of the Atlantic a reminder to what degree they bestrode the rock world. 

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